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"People tell me my body looks like a melted candle"

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Albert Pujols: The 26th member of the 500-HR Club.

This lineup is unreal. This is insane. #LETSGO #ACL2014

#Chromeo killed it tonight!! #JKLConcerts

😚Ariana Grande😚 …and that blonde chick from iCarly. #NickelodeonOnSunset

Celebrating the parents’ 23rd anniversary on this fine Easter Sunday. #onionstraws (at Lucille’s BBQ)


True sibling protection

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#Baseball #alldayeveryday.

🍻 (at 85C Bakery Cafe - Buena Park)

Edward James Olmos be like… #SELFIE #kinda



is that twilight

yes. yes it is.

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